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Economics and Tokenomics

Project economics

According to the calculations and forecasts, the following financial indicators of the project are expected:

Indicator1 year2 year
Revenue, USD755 6255 610 000
Results of issuance and investment activities (issuance and repurchase of tokens), USD2 109 185-1 478 920
Results of operating activities, USD-539 3753 644 000
Financial flow for the year, US dollars1 569 8102 165 080
Financial flow cumulative, for all periods, US dollars1 569 8103 734 890

The following assumptions and assumptions were made in the calculations:

  1. The proceeds from the token issue will be used mainly for advertising and marketing activities and to achieve sustainable growth of the platform's users and the number of transactions.
  2. A part of users attracted due to advertising and marketing activities, keep their activity in the following periods, which ensures the growth of the client base with a gradual decrease in the costs of promotion.
  3. The platform must generate enough revenue to ensure token liquidity and redeem a significant portion of unlockable tokens.
  4. The value of the token should have moderate growth throughout the projected period to reduce the volume of token sales by token holders. In addition, it should affect the attractiveness of the token to initial and subsequent investors.

Detailed calculations on projections for the next 5 years of activity are given in the attached "Budgets and Projections" document.

Tokenomics of the project

LECKSISToken is a token based on the Polygon blockchain that will be used as currency within the LECKSIS ecosystem. LECKSISToken has the following main functions:

  1. Exchange medium. Users will be able to use LECKSISToken to buy and sell goods and services in online stores created with the built-in constructor, as well as to make transfers to other users.
  2. Rewards. Content creators who provide services or products in LECKSIS will receive rewards in LECKSISToken.
  3. Management. LECKSIS managers will be able to use LECKSISToken to vote on important decisions in the ecosystem, such as changing rates, changing the user agreement, etc.

LECKSISToken (LEKS) will be used as the main token in the LECKSIS system. It is a token based on the Polygon blockchain that provides fast transactions and low fees.

The tokenomics of the LECKSIS project will be based on the following principles:

  1. Utility token: the LECKSISToken will be used to perform all transactions in the LECKSIS system, including buying and selling goods and services, paying commissions for using bots, and managing system functions.
  2. A limited number of tokens: a total of 1 billion LECKSIS tokens will be issued. This limited number guarantees the stability of tokenomics and prevents the possibility of inflation.
  3. Stacking System: users will be able to earn additional tokens by participating in stacking. The steaking system will be based on Proof-of-Stake which will allow users to earn rewards for participating in supporting the network.
  4. Voting System: LECKSISToken owners will be able to participate in voting on the development of the LECKSIS system. This will allow the community to actively participate in making important decisions and the direction of project development.
  5. Partnerships: LECKSISToken will be used to establish partnerships with other projects in the cryptocurrency industry and business. This will expand the functionality of the LECKSIS system and increase its user base.

The tokenomics of the LECKSIS project provides stability, utility, and earning potential for users.

Allocation of tokens

Total Supply1 000 000 000100,00%
Public Sale500 000 00050%
Private Sale180 000 00018%
Team150 000 00015%
Marketing90 000 0009%
Liquidity Fund40 000 0004%
Strategic & Investors20 000 0002%
Influencers10 000 0001%
Advisors7 000 0000,7%
Project Promotion Fund3 000 0000,3%