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White Paper
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Secure messenger with a built-in builders online store and bot
• 2024 •


This document intends to present the Lecksis project's capabilities and the expansion of its partner network.

Digital security and privacy are key aspects in today's world of information technology. At the same time, more and more people and companies are looking for convenient ways to communicate and interact with other users.

Examples In response to this increased demand for secure and convenient messengers we introduce Lecksis, a new secure messenger that combines the core features of Telegram and Instagram, adding the security of communication and the ease of creating online stores and bots to them.

Security and Privacy

One of the key features of LECKSIS is its focus on user security and privacy. Messenger developers focus on ensuring message privacy which is important for users who value their privacy.

Online Stores

In addition, LECKSIS functionality, which includes the easy creation of online stores, can attract business users who are interested in selling goods and services through messengers. Online stores can also be created with a built-in builder, allowing you to focus your efforts on business tasks instead of wasting resources on technical aspects.

Chatbot Builder

The third killer feature, which we expect to please the community, is the built-in chatbot builder which will help automate many aspects of interaction with users. You will be able to create easily your own bots based on existing templates.

And finally, the fourth, but not the last innovation, is its own token based on the Polygon blockchain. The cryptocurrency wallet and native token embedded in our messenger will simplify the calculations and allow us to do them in the messenger itself without using third-party services.

We are sure that LECKSIS will become a popular messenger, providing security and confidentiality, as well as, many features for convenient and effective communication and interaction.
Implementation of the
Lecksis project will allow
  • Create a large-scale platform for using the new LECKSISToken.

  • Add a new platform for trading digital and physical assets, due to the built-in constructor of online stores.

  • Ensure the security of user communications through anonymity, encryption, and no message logging on the server.

  • Implement the ease and convenience of creating bots that automate basic human actions with built-in templates and builders.

  • Ensure the liquidity of issued tokens and sufficient revenue to maintain their value.

  • To occupy a noticeable part of the digital asset sale services market on the international one.