About us

LECKSIS is the cryptocurrency messenger offering a big range of new and important solutions in this area just at once:

  • Anonymous registration and communication
  • No logging
  • Message encryption
  • Online store constructor
  • Bot constructor for automating repetitive actions
  • Mass mailings possibility
  • Own token, built-in wallet, and the ability to make payments with that token.

Our key solutions

Decentralization and a Web3.0 approach for security and quick access to the application.

Security. All communication between clients is completely anonymous. We use symmetric encryption using The Double Ratchet algorithm. Encryption keys are kept with users and only they can read your messages. The Lecksis server does not store message history.

Anonymous registration. Users can register in the messenger without giving their real data. Instead, they can use pseudonyms or create temporary accounts.

Using a proxy. Messenger has built-in proxy support to hide users' IP addresses and protect them from eavesdropping.

Message encryption. All messages sent in the messenger will be encrypted and will not be stored on a central server. This significantly increases the level of security and prevents the leakage of confidential information.

No logging. Messenger does not and will not keep logs of users' actions which means that all correspondence will be anonymous and no one, except users, will be able to view their history.